199 Off Road House Brandplate / Keychain

199 Off Road House Brandplate / Keychain

  • ₱385.00

199 Off Road House Brandplate / keychain


Material/Finish: Aluminum Base Metal Material,Natural Sanded Finish
Overall Size: 1.15inches x 2.10inches
Personalization Area: Custom Form, Center Seal, Custom Logo, (CHECK MOLD CHARGES)
Thickness: 1.4mm (1/16 inch); 
Shape: Rectangutar
Mounting: None
Production Style: Metal Embossing Machines Apply tons of pressure to the material, Either molten, Hot, or room temp, to previously designed and prepared Metal Molds to mark the designs tot he material. These pieces are Hand finished then electroplated Plated and painted to execute the client's design
Artwork: Logo, Seal,
Artwork File Types: All types of files
Usage: Product Branding, Company Branding, Gifts, giveaways
Clients: 199 Off road House
Production Time: 4 weeks following proof approval for most orders. Proof/artwork will be received within 3 days business day.
Packaging:  Individually wrapped in Bubble wrap +  Shipping box
Alt. names Brandplate, Keychain

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