Dividers and Window Graphics - Printed Design

  • ₱124.00

Window and Dividers Graphics  - Corporate Basic Design

Cutout- Die Cut Frosted/ matte Sticker

Sticker-Etched glass partitions provide an open feel while dividing a certain space or area.  These designs of any kind are cutout into high quality frosted stickers bringing an artistic and unique element to any room.   They provide privacy and are a stunning, custom touch!  Frosted glass partitions and panels are useful in creating divided space for a home, an office or any area whether it’s residential or commercial. Separating one area from another, these panels are the perfect solution where private space is needed


Perfect for: Corporate, Residential

Clients: Suarez Arts Ayala, Design Studios, Architects, Interior Designers,CG Designs

other names:Frosted Glass Stickers on Dividers and Windows, stained glass


Delivery and Installation within 3 Days after design finalization.