Exterior Art Signage

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Exterior Art Signage

New space for contemporary arts for  graphics designed a new typeface which is available to the building in a stencil and non stencil version. The stencil for big type and the other for smaller type in print. As Signage system outdoor that helps the users find their way around the building.  

Can be seen in the distance because of  the Art  Signage a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that continue the challenging of boundaries that was already well underway in the 20th century.


Material/Finish: Solid Concrete with Yellow Square Paint
Overall Size: l6ft. x 6ft , logo - 3 x 3  meters
Personalization Area: Graphic Signage
Thickness: 5 inches
Shape: Square with Logo
Mounting: Graphics Design 
Production Style:

Square is painted directly over the concrete surface and at some locations it passes over surfaces in laquared wood and accentuates the idea that the square is sort of "slapped on", Solid concrete that stucks it into the soil outside the building.

Artwork: Exterior Signage
Artwork File Types: All types of files
Usage: Building Signs, Directional Signs, Museum Arts,
Clients: Art Musuem
Production Time: 2 weeks days following proof approval for most orders. Proof will be received within 3 days business day.
Installation:  Solid concrete and stuck it into the soil
Aka Signage

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