Junior Airborne Pin Gold - PNP

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Junior Airborne Gold Pin

The role of a "Junior Airborne Pin" often pertains to recognizing individuals who have completed basic airborne training within a military or paratrooper context. Here are some common aspects associated with the role of a Junior Airborne Pin:

  1. Completion of Basic Airborne Training: The Junior Airborne Pin is typically awarded to individuals who have successfully completed basic airborne training. This training involves learning the fundamental skills and techniques required for parachute jumps and operations.

  2. Symbol of Achievement: The pin serves as a tangible symbol of accomplishment for individuals who have demonstrated the physical and mental capabilities necessary for airborne operations. It signifies their successful completion of a challenging and specialized training program.

  3. Identification: Wearing the Junior Airborne Pin helps identify individuals who have undergone basic airborne training. It allows fellow service members and commanders to recognize those with specific expertise related to parachute operations.

  4. Affiliation with Airborne Units: Individuals wearing the Junior Airborne Pin may be affiliated with airborne units within a military organization. The pin becomes a visual representation of their association with these specialized units and their readiness for airborne missions.

  5. Operational Readiness: The pin can indicate a level of operational readiness for airborne deployments. Individuals who have completed basic airborne training are typically considered ready to participate in airborne operations as part of their military duties.

  6. Path to Advanced Training: For many, the Junior Airborne Pin is a stepping stone to more advanced airborne training and qualifications. It may represent the initial phase of a paratrooper's career, with opportunities for further specialization and skill development.

  7. Esprit de Corps: Wearing the Junior Airborne Pin fosters a sense of camaraderie and pride among those who share a common background in airborne training. It signifies a commitment to a unique and challenging aspect of military service.

  8. Promotion Criteria: In some military contexts, the Junior Airborne Pin may be a factor in promotion criteria. Individuals who have completed airborne training may receive recognition for their dedication to advancing their skills and contributing to the overall readiness of the unit.

  9. Badge of Honor: The pin is often considered a badge of honor, reflecting the courage and dedication required to complete airborne training. It is a source of pride for those who have earned it.

It's important to note that the specific role and significance of the Junior Airborne Pin may vary depending on the military branch and the training program's details. The pin's symbolism often extends beyond individual recognition to contribute to the cohesion and identity of airborne units within the military.


Material/Finish: Base Metal Material with Gold, Silver, Antique & Black Nickel Finish
Overall Size: 40mm x 26mm (+-3.75 inch x 0.90inch)
Personalization Area: Center Seal, Custom Logo
Thickness: 1.4mm (1/16 inch)
Shape: Custom Form, Airborne with wings
Mounting: Pin post and Clutch
Production Style: Metal Embossing Machines Apply tons of pressure to the either molten-hot, or room temp material, to previously designed and prepared Metal Molds to mark the designs to the material. These pieces are Hand finished then electroplated Plated and painted to execute the client's design
Artwork: Picture, Philippine Seal,
Artwork File Types: All types of files
Usage: Philippine National Police Training Pin, Award Pin, Schooling, Graduate, Training
Clients: PNP, Police, LGU, Government, 

Production Time:


About 30 days (depend on design and quantity)

3-5 days J&T, JRS


 Clear Acetate Box and Shipping box


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