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Police Intelligence Officers Course (PIOC) Pin

A Police Intelligence Officers Course Pin serves as a symbol of accomplishment and recognition for individuals who have successfully completed the Police Intelligence Officers Course (PIOC). The pin holds significance in various aspects:

  1. Recognition of Completion: The pin acknowledges the successful completion of the Police Intelligence Officers Course, signifying a certain level of training, expertise, and knowledge in the field of police intelligence.

  2. Professional Achievement: Wearing the pin is a way for intelligence officers to showcase their professional achievement and dedication to enhancing their skills in the specialized area of police intelligence.

  3. Unit Pride: The pin can instill a sense of pride and camaraderie among those who have completed the course. It creates a visual bond among intelligence officers who share a common commitment to excellence in their roles.

  4. Identification: The pin serves as a visual identifier for individuals who have undergone specific training in police intelligence. This identification can be valuable in team settings, allowing colleagues and superiors to recognize the expertise of those wearing the pin.

  5. Motivation and Morale: Wearing a pin that represents successful completion of a demanding course can boost motivation and morale among intelligence officers. It reminds them of their capabilities and the importance of their role in maintaining public safety.

  6. Networking and Community Building: The pin can facilitate networking and community building among intelligence officers who share a common educational background. It provides a conversation starter and a shared symbol of their commitment to professional development.

In summary, the Police Intelligence Officers Course Pin serves as a tangible representation of accomplishment, expertise, and dedication within the field of police intelligence. It not only recognizes individual achievements but also fosters a sense of unity and pride among those who have successfully completed the course.


Material/Finish: Brass Material, Gold Finish
Overall Size: 47 mm x 42 mm
Personalization Area: Center Seal, Custom Logo, (CHECK MOLD CHARGES)
Thickness: 1.5 mm (1/16 inch)
Shape: Eagle 
Mounting: Pin post back attachment
Production Style: Metal Embossing Machines Apply tons of pressure to the either molten-hot, or room temp material, to previously designed and prepared Metal Molds to mark the designs to the material. These pieces are Embossed Design with Paint.
Artwork: Picture, Seal
Artwork File Types: All types of files
Usage: Corporate Awards, Academic Achievements, Employment and Personal Milestones, Corporate Milestones and anniversaries, Uniforms, Company branding. 
Clients: Philippine National Police 
Production Time: 2 weeks days following proof approval for most orders. Proof will be received within 3 days business day.
Packaging:  Clear Acetate Box and Shipping box
AKA Collar Pin, Pin


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